We are the only industry consultancy integrating design studio and marketing services with a proven record of growing clients' businesses 2x–5x while freeing their creativity.


What We Do

Coupar's focus for over a decade is to act as a catalyst for design professionals ready to take their company to the next level. Our San Francisco Design Center-based professionals work in lieu of – or in conjunction with – your team allowing you to dynamically grow your business with minimal overhead. As a tightly knit team, we can leverage the integrations between design, PR, marketing, and operations to ensure our clients’ projects and business run smoothly.





“It’s a no-brainer, designers will make more money working with Coupar than if you hired your own internal team. The numbers make sense, the mind-share of running your own company is reduced, it’s a win-win. Krista and her team are innovative and sharp. While other people claim to work in this sphere, whether remote or ‘on-demand,’ there is no other company like it in our industry. Krista’s understanding of the business of design is second to none.”  

- Marc Molinsky, Designer Advantage


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Our clients are part of an elite community of designers, architects, art curators, builders, artisans and industry style makers.




Coupar will give you access to work with the top 1% of the residential design firms in Silicon Valley.



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