"Andrew Joseph PR has had the pleasure of sharing and collaborating clients with Coupar Consulting on more than one occasion and the experience has always been rewarding and exceeded expectations. The team is fun, smart and savvy and come to the table with solid know-how and expertise. They are genuinely a class act."

Andrew Joseph, Andrew Joseph PR

"Anyone who's in the business of growing and development knows that scaling your brand and working with professionals who not only know the industry well but serve as an extension of your ethos is key to success. Coupar Consulting is just that—the feet on the ground when all things are in motion. We at Cordero Consulting have had the privilege of working with Coupar in a way that's seamless when it comes to marketing and public relations strategy for clients.

Byron Cordero, Cordero Consulting

"It's a no-brainer, designers will make more money working with Coupar than if you hired your own internal team. The numbers make sense, the mind-share of running your own company is reduced, it's a win-win. Krista and her team are innovative and sharp. While other people claim to work in this sphere, whether remote or 'on-demand,' there is no other company like it in our industry. Krista's understanding of the business of design is second to none."  

Marc Molinsky, Designer Advantage

“2013 and 2014 were two incredible Showcase years for us and it was great to have Krista by our side. She assisted with the press release, created a press kit website and project photos and was always there to help throughout the event. Thank you, Krista!”

Antonio Martins, Antonio Martins Interior Design

"In 2015, I worked with Coupar Consulting to promote the dining room I designed in collaboration with acclaimed street artist Ian Ross. The Coupar team facilitated superior photography and landed me a spectacular blog feature with one of the most noted design bloggers in the country. The press coverage I received because of Coupar's efforts were spectacular. I was a very happy customer. Brava Coupar Consulting!"

Cecilie Starin, Cecilie Starin Design