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The Stylish Secret to Overcoming Holiday Entertaining Woes

It’s that time of year again… as the seasons change, we’re getting excited for thick knit blankets, darker, moodier color palettes, and those deliciously spiced PSLs from Starbucks! But, along with everything we love about the colder seasons, we can’t help but feel an overwhelming amount of stress at the thought of hosting friends and family for all of those holiday dinners. Here's how to fix it!

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Have You Played with Fire?

The hiss of the fire burned in our ears as a man dressed all in black stood before us, clutching a hammer by its wooden handle. The lot of us--marketing professionals, interior designers, curious patrons, and more--watched wide-eyed as he gestured toward the swirling metal creations that hung above our heads.

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Solar-Powered Style - Rooms That Shine Like the Sun

Today’s total solar eclipse has been a hot topic for a while now—and for good reason! The last time the United States witnessed one of these awe-inspiring phenomena was in 1979. We hope that the majority of you were able to step away from your desks, slap on some solar-eclipse shades, and watch as the moon passed over our bright burning star.

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