Quality of Craft: Sister Parish Design’s Vreeland

sister parish process.jpg

Sister Parish Design's signature linen print, Vreeland is shown above in production. The firm prides itself on hand, silk-screening their textiles and wall coverings in the United States. The work of the hand and quality of craft is apparent in every yard produced. An eco-friendly process uses earth-based dyes and natural fabrics with primarily vat dye printing and a few designs using pigment dye. Vreeland, a beautifully scaled design named for Sister Parish, and Albert Hadley's friend Diana Vreeland is both playful and modern. While it comes in eight colorways, here it is shown in a Vreeland favorite Pink. The fashion editor famously said, "Pink is the navy blue of India." The 1957 American film Funny Face parodied Vreeland as the fictional Maggie Prescott, a fashion magazine editor with the campaign "Think Pink."


Diana Vreeland

Pink IMG_7349 edit SQUARE.jpg

Sister Parish Design “Vreeland” fabric, color Pink


Kay Thompson, as the fashion magazine editor Maggie Prescott, in "Funny Face.”

Tricia Kerr