Dog Days of Summer: Canines of the Galleria


Not only is it hot out, but dogs are haute at the SFDC's Galleria. Many of the showrooms have a canine mascot. Just like design styles, these four-footed friends come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and colors. We thought we would profile a few of them with the help of Beth Roseberry, SFDC concierge, and dog aficionado. Beth is ever popular with pets, and their human parents as she maintains a supply of gourmet treats and beloved toys at her desk.

Rosie Roo, Whippet, 1 year, Summerwind Kennel, Parent: Kelsi Barrett, Soane Britain


Max, German Shepard, 2.5 years, Rocket Dog Rescue, Parent: Michael Hurley, JD Staron


Brandi, Lhasa Apso, 14 years, Muttville senior dog rescue, Parents: Jeff Holt and Peter West, HEWN


Zeus, Terrier Chihuahua Mix, 7 years, Family Dog Rescue, Parent: Carl Gustafson, Cosentino


Albear, Yorkie, 6 years, Adopted, Parent: Ana Corcran, Coupar


Travis, Chocolate Lab-Poodle mix, 9 months, Storybook Labradoodles, Parent: Angela Delany, Kevin Barry Fine Art

Tricia Kerr