SEO for Interior Designers

There are many ways for potential clients to find your website other than typing in the direct URL. One of the most powerful and least understood ways is through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is how Google determines what order search results are shown in. It is important for designers to understand SEO because it will enable potential clients to find you and generate awareness for your firm. SEO may seem like a foreign language due to all of the technical terms, but there are many basic actions you can take to make improvements. SEO is all about growing visibility in search engine results. It’s what determines where your website will show up on a search engine results page. The biggest challenge is how to impact it and this is where internet marketing (also referred to as search engine marketing) comes in.


Quality Backlinks
Backlinks are links on other websites or pages that take people directly to your website. Having multiple quality backlinks helps your site rank higher on the search engine results page. One way to increase the number of backlinks you have is to create guest posts on other blogs or even to leave comments on other blogs and media postings. You can also increase quality backlinks by creating press about new projects or important announcements. Any increase in posts about you or your business will most likely have a beneficial effect on your search engine ranking.

Post Relevant Content
Keeping your copy up to date helps increase your search engine optimization. Go through your website and read over any old copy, refreshing the verbiage and adding more descriptive keywords can help improve your brand’s visibility on the web. Descriptive keywords can be added in the copy for different projects. Add details into the copy such as the location and descriptors about the style of the project. An example of this would be a portfolio for a contemporary home design in Marin on a website. Adding keywords into the copy such as “Marin”, “contemporary”, “interior design”, and “Bay Area” would increase the possibility that the website would show up when those keywords are searched. There are many free tools on the web where you can type in a word and get related keywords that can then be incorporated into your copy and meta tags. Creating internal links on your website helps with website navigation and distributes the ranking power among the different pages on your website. 

Mobile-First User Experience
Google is now ranking sites based on the mobile version of your site. Over half of web traffic is coming from mobile users. If you currently have an version of your website which is a mobile user specific version, you should use a responsive site. Responsive sites allow users to view the same site across multiple devices. Content management systems like Squarespace and Wordpress have responsive themes that can be used to make your website more adaptable. Use a mobile device and pull up your own site to make sure it user-friendly on a mobile platform.


It is important to analyze your current digital footprint to see where you can make the most improvements in regards to SEO. Setting up Google Analytics shows you where your website traffic is coming from and how people are interacting with your content. You are able to use the Google Analytics data to make changes to attract your target audience and increase views on the most important pages on your website.

Though some aspects of Search Engine Optimization may seem confusing, it is important to understand the basics. Keep the content across your channels fresh and consistent and include relevant keywords in your copy. Frequently updating your social media channels also has a positive effect on your search engine optimization. Do an analysis of your own website and see how long it takes to load, review the copy, and make sure it is user-friendly on mobile devices. By looking into your Search Engine Optimization your not only increases your chances of being found online but also improves ease of use of your website.


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Tricia Kerr