Take Ten with Gabriella Coyne

This month we are spotlighting Gabriella Coyne. She is a Studio Design Director at Coupar and joined our team more than 2 years ago after working within architectural and interior design firms for more than a decade. Gabriella holds a BA from the School of Architecture at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Read on to learn more about how she brings her trademark smile, easy going spirit and attention to detail to every project.


What attracted you to Coupar?
I loved that Coupar allowed me the opportunity to work with the top designers in the industry while also learning the business side of things.  Through my work, I have been able to expose myself to all different styles of design while also providing our clients with best practices so that they may grow their businesses.  

What is your favorite interior design style?
That’s a hard question – I appreciate so many different styles!  At the end of the day, good design just works and feels right in providing the client with a space to enhance their life in ways they did not even think possible.  I don’t like to identify with just one style as I do like a collected look that is held at a level of sophistication.

What is one item you wish you could have in your home?
A piano.

What is your favorite music genre?

What is your drink of choice?
I love a good Negroni.

Who do you admire and why?
Muriel Brandolini. She is an incredible designer who is constantly approaching projects with an innovative eye. She chooses not to follow trends or be led by what the industry is doing, rather she allows herself to create without confinement. She is distinct.

Morning or night person?
I love mornings. Originally a night person, now converted morning gal, I love a slow morning with time to enjoy a good cup of coffee and read.

What is your favorite food?
Italian. I grew up in an Italian family where I was spoiled with homemade meals from my Mother and Nonni. For some reason I just never get sick of it – it’s a go to.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
At the beach.

What are you most known for?
My legendary Book Club hosting ;)

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