The Stylish Secret to Overcoming Holiday Entertaining Woes

It’s that time of year again… as the seasons change, we’re getting excited for thick knit blankets, darker, moodier color palettes, and those deliciously spiced PSLs from Starbucks! But, along with everything we love about the colder seasons, we can’t help but feel an overwhelming amount of stress at the thought of hosting friends and family for all of those holiday dinners. This time of year is a wonderful time filled with time spent with our loved ones but it also means we suddenly have to remember how to cook something other than our famous Pasta a la Prego! So, what’s our secret for offsetting all of these holiday entertaining woes?

A stunningly stylish kitchen and dining space, of course! As the holidays near, we highly recommend spending some time in these two areas of your home. Clean, rearrange, invest in new tools and dining ware… do anything you need to make your kitchen and dining room the happiest parts of your home.

Trust us, with a fabulous dining room and spotless kitchen, you’d be surprised by how little guests will care about a slightly burned pie or not-so-mashed mashed potatoes.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at these fabulously styled kitchens by some of our favorite designers:

Image credits in order of appearance:

  • Carolyn Rebuffel of Workroom C - Photographer: Eric Zepeda
  • Beth Daecher of bd homes - Photographer: Eric Rorer
  • Kendall Wilkinson Design - Photographer: Paul Dyer
  • Regan Baker Design - Photographer: Sharon Risedorph
  • Allison Caccoma Inc. - Photographer: Stacy Bass
  • Lane McNab Interiors - Photographer: Aubrie Pick