Solar-Powered Style - Rooms That Shine Like the Sun

Today’s total solar eclipse has been a hot topic for a while now—and for good reason! The last time the United States witnessed one of these awe-inspiring phenomena was in 1979. We hope that the majority of you were able to step away from your desks, slap on some solar-eclipse shades, and watch as the moon passed over our bright burning star.

But, if you were unable to get outside (or like us, had a thick blanket of fog blocking your view), these interiors will provide you with enough solar-powered style to leave you satisfied until the next total eclipse of the sun!

Dining on Sunbeams

In this gorgeous kitchen designed by The Wiseman Group, a pair of elegant counter stools sit facing toward a stunning contemporary painting. The glowing piece evokes the feeling of sunshine and brightens the room with its powerful presence. Balanced with clean lines and sophistication this artwork adds solar flair to any meal or cup of tea.

Photo:  Joe Fletcher

Warm Relaxation

In this living room designed by Scheiber Design Group, warm tones create a cozy inviting atmosphere. Above the fireplace a gorgeous piece serves as a focal point in the space and resembles the powerful sun above. To the left, stone columns add texture and are also reminiscent of the cool tones of the moon.


Rays of Paris

In this master bedroom designed by Regan Baker Design, a beautiful bed frame is upholstered in a sunny yellow and complemented by a thick blanket at its end. To the right, an oversized painting features a soft glow, adding solar beauty to the mix.

Photo:  Suzanna Scott

Cosmic Stairwell

In this stairhall designed by Kendall Wilkinson Design, a custom light fixture designed by Kendall Wilkinson and Jeff Zimmerman is a series of glowing orbs, reminiscent of celestial starlight.

Photo:  Paul Dyer

Photo: Paul Dyer

A Sunlit Workspace

Not only is the studio of Lane McNab Interiors flooded with natural light that streams in through large glass windows, but a vibrant painting of our beloved star adds bright style to this gorgeous workspace.

Photo:  Aubrie Pick

Starburst Sputnik

This mid-century dining room by Alison Damonte is brought to life by the shimmering sputnik chandelier that illuminates the space. Its golden sparks are a glamorous nod to the sun.

Photo:  Bruce Damonte

Eclipsing Kitchen

In this kitchen designed by Ann Lowengart Interiors, fun and intricate wallpaper ties vibrant and cool tones together. Similar to the total solar eclipse, this juxtaposition creates interest and intrigue, making this kitchen an inviting, stylish space in the home.

Luxury meets Galaxy

This beautiful home designed by Allison Caccoma features custom lighting that glimmers like the stars in the sky. Set against a neutral background and darker, more dramatic hues, it feels like we’re looking up into the universe when we look into this contemporary space.

Photo:  Stacy Bass

Photo: Stacy Bass

Moonshine Hallway

This hallway designed by House of Funk is the embodiment of the total solar eclipse. Its dark blue walls are contrasted with gorgeous light fixtures that feature black candles flickering against hammered golden plates. The sun meets the moon in this solar-powered space.

Photo:  Mark Weinberg

As designers, we are constantly seeking inspiration and motivation and today’s total solar eclipse provided both. These spaces are filled with solar-powered style and leave us feeling empowered and energized as we dive into our busy week.