Take Ten: The Wisdom of a Wisdom Coach

From gurus to sages, there are certain people who embody "wisdom," but the truth is, there is wisdom in all of us. Anna Scott may look nothing like Mister Miyagi, but she is a master of knowledge in her own right and teaches her clients to discover and access their own wisdom for better business and lifestyles. Anna was kind enough to participate in our Take Ten series and answers our inquiries about herself and the business of Wisdom Coaching below. 

Coupar Communications: What is a wisdom business coach? How do your services differ from other types of business coaching services?

Anna Scott: To understand my role, first you have to understand Wisdom business coaching. Essentially, my work is done with the intention of enabling clients to access their own wisdom. My services differ from others because opposed to telling a client what to do or giving them a ‘prescribed methodology,’ I find what it is the client really wants to create or change and teach them how to access this through their own wisdom.

I believe that people know what is right for themselves. If people made their life decisions based on their own personal wisdom, their pursuits would result in more successes because they are being true to who they are. My services differ because it really is about finding clients' own inner truths so that I can guide them to help them find what truly works and resonates for them.

Coupar Communications: What is your background?

I have a sales and business development background. I worked in corporate America, beginning at age twenty-one and continuing until I was forty-two. What I did was help companies create new markets and grow a business through relationships. I would start with businesses that were at nothing and grow them into something. It worked for me at the time. I’m proud to say those businesses are still alive and thriving, currently, utilizing the business relationships that I created. Fundamentally, I believe business is grown through relationships, and I understand how to create long lasting relationships, and I teach my clients how to do just that.

CC: How did you decide to establish your own firm?

AS: I love helping people grow and be successful, it’s part of what makes me, me. Years ago, I was working for someone who coached in business development, through the Strozi Institute. I was in the process of selling a business to a would-be client (on behalf of my boss) when I found out that the person I was selling to thought I was going to do the work. They were choosing to work with me, instead of my boss. I realized that I had what it took to sell my self and my services and that's when there was a spark and I decided to go on this business venture. I started out on my own with one client, and now, many fruitful years later, it's grown into something I am in love with. A beautiful process of enriching others' lives and sharing my insight.

CC: Describe your process. 

AS: In a nutshell, I teach people what it means to be human. Clients come to me with what they believe to be an obstacle, problem, fear (etc.) that is hindering them from achieving the life they have always dreamed of living. And I help identify the true block.

I like being with people authentically and seeing them truly for who they are, validating their energy. I know this is my soul's calling: to help people discover what they need and who they are by asking hard questions and always pointing people back to their unique and wonderful design.

The answer is always within.

CC: Who are your clients? Do you specialize in helping individuals in one particular industry, or do your services apply across the board?

AS: My clients are people who want to make a change and want to be successful in their endeavors. I work with roughly 60 clients a year, and they run the gamut. However, the people who contact me are usually creative types. People who really see the color, fun, and beauty in life and want to make it richer. Consequently, I work with a lot of Interior Designers, Architects—people in tune with their surroundings. I’d feel comfortable saying ‘Designers’ and the like are my ‘sweet spot,’ I suppose it’s due to my own personal love of everything design.

CC: Tell us about your introductory workshop.

AS: I have different workshops based on clients’ individual curiosities. The introductory workshop is only a taste of what a one-on-one client workshop would be like. The client feedback I have received is usually that a profound insight or discovery is made after attending an introductory workshop.

CC: Can you give us a little insight into a few of your success stories? 

AS: In the lense of the world of Interior Design, Laura Martin Bouvard of Laura Martin Interiors comes immediately to mind. She has transformed her business and grown into a woman who is sought-after not only for her authentic design but for her allure as a business woman and entrepreneur. When I met her, she was working from her home, now she employs six-to-seven employees and occupies a gorgeous open space in Oakland. I helped her navigate the complicated waters of aligning with clients and helped her gain an understanding about when to let some go who aren’t a fit. How to truly determine what they are bringing to her business and how to balance it all with grace. The type of clientele she attracts now has improved significantly and she has even begun to participate in public speaking events. 

CC: What are a few of your top tips for accessing your highest energy?

AS: Sleep, nutrition, taking care of the vessel you inhabit and being grateful. Those practices enable us to reach higher vibrations, higher-thinking, and so on. Being alone in nature, and I mean really alone, no screens, being able to breath fresh air in solitude. And finally, to give. When we give, we receive back tenfold.

CC: What's the best way to get started?

AS: Honestly? Call me. My number is on my website and I would love to talk to you. All you have to do is ask yourself if you are ready to make a change.

To learn more about Anna Scott and her Wisdom Business Coaching services, visit her website here