Office Space: The Most Productive Room of the 2017 San Francisco Decorator Showcase

It’s that time of year again. We are so thrilled to have Coupar family member, Kari McIntosh of Kari McIntosh Design, show off her incredible design skills at 2017 San Francisco Decorator Showcase.

Nestled between the Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom, Kari’s office is a stimulating departure from the soothing designs of the adjacent rooms. Starting with the textured, patterned Indigo Dots wallpaper by St. Frank, the room immediately jumpstarts your brain and renews your energy. Its textile-like quality adds a layer of comfort to the space as well.

Home Study

The cool tones of the wallpaper are balanced with warming accents like a golden mirror and golden étagére. Accessorized with antique books and accessories, you almost feel as though you’ve entered the study of a seasoned archaeologist or historian. A magnifying glass with shell base lays across a large coffee table book, inviting you to take a sit and dive into your research.

The table itself is an object of study. A glass top is connected to bamboo feet with thin iron legs and two thick chairs are ready for the owner to hold an audience with top executives or museum board members.

Office Desk

Adding sophistication to the room are two art pieces sourced from Simon Breitbard Fine Arts gallery. A paper airplane balances precariously on its point with dramatic tension that evokes the feeling of rushing toward a deadline. Behind the desk, an abstract work resembles the inner workings of the creative mind.

An eclectic textile-wrapped chandelier designed by local artist Llane Alexis (with fabric from Bolt Textiles), fabric pin board, and textured rug from Serena & Lily all add a personalized feel to the space. Antique accessories from C. Mariani and blue-and-white striped curtains in Bolt Textiles fabric complete the space.  

With a view through large windows opposite the desk, we can’t imagine a better space in which to get work done! If you haven’t been to this year’s San Francisco Decorator Showcase yet, we recommend that you go and visit Kari’s office space.

To learn more about Kari you can head to her website Kari McIntosh Design.