They Liked it! Instagram Marketing with David Duncan Livingston

Guest writer David Duncan Livingston has photographed residential interiors and architecture in San Francisco and beyond for over twenty years. His work has taken him to 40 states and four provinces, where he’s shot the work for hundreds of interior designers. Whether acting as producer, art director, photographer or stylist, David’s clients look to him to give vision to their story, producing photographs that are engaging, thoughtful and beautiful. David has been the sole photographer for seven interior design coffee table books that include San Francisco Style, California Country Style, Hawaii a Sense of Place, The New City Home and Patterns of Home. For more information on David and his services, please visit his website at

Finding a “voice” on an Instagram feed can for some be a stream of consciousness of people, places and things just popping up; for others their Instagram feed is a considered publishing platform.  If you want your feed to be an extension of your service & brand think of the followers, you want to serve those you will want to attract. Then, how will you engage them on IG? How often will you connect with them? What will be the quality of your posts be? How much of your personal life do you want to expose?

Here we share a blog post by photographer David Duncan Livingston as he discusses insights he gained during his first year on Instagram. Livingston says of his feed, @daviddlivingston, is the “sharing of polished photos of local interior design to reach a local following”. You could call his feed, fresh locally sourced design. Have a read:

"Here is a wrap-up of my professional photos from the past year as they appeared on my Instagram feed. In the two photo grids below see what became the money shots gleaming the most “likes” on my Instagram, @daviddlivingston. Looking back over these & the more than 400 photos that I posted, what takeaways can we gain from my followers?"

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