Coupar at the Design Bloggers Conference

This week, Coupar Communication's PR Director Nicole Balin had the opportunity to attend the Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles. Held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel, bloggers, editors, PR professionals, and designers alike gathered to discuss an array of topics, from SEO optimization to Instagram hacks to simply gorgeous design.  

The were too many highlights of the two-day event to name them all, but to be sure, the stand out was the Instagram presentation by Connor Dwyer and Shea McGee of Studio McGee, both of whom inspired the audience with their discussion on how to create an inspired Instagram campaign. The takeaways from both talks: Establish your Instagram brand. What do you want your images to say about you? What makes your feed different from competitors and what makes users want to seek you out? Both speakers emphasized the importance of sharing only high-quality images. Both sound relatively easy, but anyone who is trying to brand themselves on Instagram knows it’s not.

For Podcasts: Insights from Design Industry Stars, the top podcast hosts James Swan (Million Dollar Decorating), LuAnn Nigara (A Well Designed Business) and Nick May (Chaise Lounge) shared their insights into the world of podcasting. Each touched on the industry’s boom in podcasts, how to book guests, and the future of podcasting.

Of course, the PR presentation titled “Understanding the New Media Landscape’s Impact on Design” was of great interest to us. Veranda Editor-In-Chief Clinton Smith shared valuable information about what he looks for in a pitch and the benefits of hiring a publicist. PR maven Andrew Joseph of Andrew Joseph PR talked about what to expect and—not to expect—from a PR team and how to manage expectations as a PR professional and client.

Other highlights included Bay Area and NYC designer Ken Fulk, who gave attendees a peek into the pages--and creation--of his new book, Mr. Fulk’s Magical World. Overall, The Design Bloggers conference gave us insight into the ever-growing design media landscape.

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