These are Some of Our Favorite...Holiday Traditions

What’s your favorite holiday tradition? Ornament molding, tamales making or writing sweet messages to your little ones? We asked some of our clients what they do with family and friends alike to get into the holiday spirit. Here’s what they said.

Geddes Ulinskas Architects

Geddes shares:

During the holidays, our team takes the project which is most nearly complete in our office to create a Christmas ornament of that project. We give it as gifts to our clients, and everyone on the team including other design consultants, contractors, craftsman and fabricators. We actually take time to make a mold of the ornament in the office and cast multiple resin ornaments from the mold. In a way, a corner of the office becomes a mini Christmas workshop.


Paulina Oldenbrook Interior Design

Paulina shares:

One of my family’s favorite holiday traditions happens on Christmas Eve. First our family attends Christmas Eve service and then we go home where we all make pappardelle pasta from scratch. My husband makes a mean carbonara sauce to finish it off. There’s flour from one end of my kitchen to the other, but the mess is worth all the laughs, the delicious results…and most importantly time together as a family.

Melanie Coddington Design

Melanie shares:

When my son was born in December four years ago, my wife started an email account for him. We send him little notes throughout the year describing snippets from our daily life, like funny things he does or says.  This year on New Year’s Eve, I plan to send him a year in review of 2017. When he’s older (and can read!) he will have a time capsule of sorts to reflect upon and enjoy.

Katharine Webster Landscape Design

Kate shares:

For the business, I have made numerous Jingle and Mingle wreaths over the years that benefit charitable organizations and help to kick off the holiday season. On a personal level, I look forward to one of my treasured activities with my daughter: decorating gingerbread houses from The Hamlin School.


Ann Lowengart Interiors

Annie shares:

I have this very kitschy porcelain Christmas tree that when you plug it in it's little lights light up. My grandmother gave one to my sister, my cousin, and me.  Even though it's absolutely tacky I love it.

Sullivan Design Studio

Linda shares:

I come from a Hispanic family. My mom was born in Mexico, and my dad in Costa Rica. So every year, my two siblings and I get together to make tamales to serve on Christmas morning. We’ve had family debates on whether the Mexican tamales (wrapped in corn husks) are better than Central American tamales (wrapped in banana leaves) and so we try to alternate our years representing each of the countries. (Although not-so-secretly, the husbands and kids all vote for Mexican!) My mom is no longer with us, but when my dad comes to visit from Costa Rica we try to represent him. When the children were little, we used to play a trick on them and strategically place one of our wedding rings into one of the tamales to see who got it, emulating the children’s classic book “Too Many Tamales” where the main character lost her mother’s wedding ring in the “masa.”  Then my weird, but hilarious family went around the table reading the book…. in different foreign accents of old family friends, in their honor of course!

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