Take Ten with Heidi Caillier


With a fresh take on curated yet livable interiors, Heidi Caillier has mastered the mix of old and new design. Her love of vintage furniture, pattern and natural texture allows her to create comfortable spaces that are a direct reflection of her clients. Plus, Heidi’s well-traveled eye can always be seen throughout her work. We chatted with Heidi who gave us the run-down on a day in her life, how she jumped into the design world, and much more!

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How did you get your start in design?

Heidi Caillier: I had finished grad school for international public health and knew it wasn't really what I wanted to do so I kind-of floated around for several years, traveling and considering many different career paths. I knew I loved design but I wasn't sure how to make a career out of it so I started a design blog and that kind of got the ball rolling. I got my first design job from that and never looked back.

What was your previous profession or expertise? Professional or educational training?

HC: I went to Providence College for undergrad in sociology and Tulane for my masters in public health.

What does a day in the life of Heidi Caillier look like?

HC: Busy! I get up early, around 5 AM, and immediately make coffee and jump into work. No day is the same though, which is part of what I love about this job. If I'm having an office day I knock out emails and office stuff in the morning before my 2-year old twins wake up. Then breakfast with them, getting them ready for their day and then it's in to my office to work on projects, review drawings from my staff, design, etc. If I have a day of meetings I'm normally answering emails early before I get on the road or getting some of the smaller tasks I have off of my plate so my inbox isn't overflowing the next morning. Then the day is filled with presentations, site visits, sourcing at the design center, etc. I normally work until about 6, then dinner, get the boys ready for bed and then I will often do some work after. It's a crazy schedule but I love what I do and I love growing my business so there are no complaints. My husband also owns his own business so we both understand the lifestyle and give each other a lot of leeway to focus on that part of our lives.

Can you tell us a little bit about an upcoming project that you're proud of?

HC: I am so excited about a project we will be installing Phase One of at the end of December. It's a whole home project and the client completely trusted us with our vision for everything. It is going to be beautiful.

What design trends are you most excited about and/or wish would go away?

HC: I am loving all of the earthy color palettes I'm seeing everywhere. I'm over bright, pop-y colors right now and really embracing more muted, muddy tones.

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When a client steps into a Heidi Caillier Design space, how do you want them to feel?

HC: Comfortable. I want the spaces I design to feel beautiful but not like you're in a showroom. I love to design for people who really want to live in their homes and have them be a reflection of who they are as people and families.

What inspires you to create the beautiful yet comfortable interiors that you are so well-known for?

HC: I really love so many different kinds of design but find myself more drawn to unfussy, lived-in homes. I take a lot of inspiration from the way my clients live and then also from books, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. I want my clients to feel like they can actually live in the spaces I create.

What are your thoughts on the future of design?

HC: Design is changing so much! With the rise of product availability on the internet and shows on HGTV and the like, it seems like everyone thinks they can be their own designer. In reality, it is a very complicated and difficult job. It is about so much more than putting some pretty pillows out there. I am seeing a trend to uniformity that makes me sad. I don't want my clients to have the same coffee table as their neighbor or coworker. I hope we all continue to seek out new inspiration and work hard to create unique spaces.

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What is your design philosophy?

HC: That homes should feel comfortable and livable while also beautiful and curated.

Tell us a few fun facts about yourself!

  • I lived in New Orleans for about 7 years and it is still my favorite place on earth.
  • I have two rescue dogs - Ponyboy and Violet.
  • I love good food. I'd happily eat pasta every day.
  • We just bought a waterfront property on Anderson Island which we are in the middle of renovating. It has been a lifelong dream of mine and it is so exciting to see it coming to life.