Top 5 Host Gifts for Holiday Parties

With the holidays in full swing, Thanksgiving around the corner, and endless invitations to gatherings, we’ve rounded up our top 5 favorite gifts for any host. We all know the feeling of scrambling at the last minute to bring a gift to the party you're attending. That’s why having a stash of presents on hand is a no-brainer. This year, Coupar’s got you covered with the best host gifts that are more personal than a bottle of wine.

1. Julia B. Linens

For the Host Who’s Always Prepared

Can you think of someone who always has what you need? Whether it’s medicine, snacks, or even a tissue, your friend has it covered. These monogrammed tissue cases are a wonderful gift for that person you have in mind. They come in a set of 3 colors and make it easy to stay prepared without sacrificing style!

2. Paulina Oldenbrook Home & Design

For the Chic Home Decorator

Paulina Oldenbrook’s collaboration with Williams Sonoma Home is one of a kind and marks the first time that their products are available in an interior designer's store. You can browse her selection of accessories such as this cylinder block vase, an ideal piece for the host that loves to decorate. The glass offers an interesting contrast to any flowers placed inside while adding an interesting sculptural element to any surface.

3. Ian Stallings

For Dog Lovers

With green tones cascading into an ombre, this stylish leash will have any canine looking cool; making it the perfect gift for any host and man’s (or woman’s) best friend.

4. Regan Baker

For Those With Colorful  Style

This fuchsia pillow by Classic Home will add a fun pop of color to anything. Grab one for your friend who isn’t afraid to play with various hues in their personal style. Who knows, you might even see it used during their next holiday party or spontaneous get-together!

5. Allison Caccoma Decoration

For Plant Lovers

Books are always a fantastic gift because you can choose a theme tailored to the host's’ interest. In Bloom: Creating and Living with Flowers is an excellent choice for the friend who can't get enough plants, as it captures the beauty of flowers in everyday life. Pick up a copy at Allison Caccoma Decoration and you're bound to find unique home treasures at this San Francisco gem.

Trendsby Alaysha Riley