The Women Behind Pulp Design Studios

There are many variables that influence interior design and one of them is region. A region can dictate an interior aesthetic based on its weather, season, values, people and much more. The varying styles of different places can often conflict, however, when two minds from two regions combine, the result can be something truly special. Beth Dotolo and Carolina V. Gentry of Pulp Design Studios manage offices in both Seattle and Dallas and the challenge of their long-distance collaboration constantly keeps them fresh and on their toes.

The two designers met at a large commercial hospitality firm of which Carolina was a Senior Designer. Beth began at this firm as an intern and after she was eventually hired full time, they discovered their collaborative chemistry and began moonlighting on their own projects. Realizing their potential, Beth and Carolina then left the firm to create their own business which became Pulp Design Studios. Though they live in different cities, all of their projects start with a joint meeting of the designers and both women oversee their team throughout.

One of the newest and most prominent projects for Pulp Design Studios was the redesign of a Seattle-area home’s ‘great room,’ which is a combined living and dining room. Their goal was to create a “super stylish but incredibly livable” space that is also accommodating for the client’s one-year-old daughter. The young couple does not want to sacrifice sophistication for a kid-friendly living space. “We loved that our clients came to us with the mindset that great style and livability didn’t need to wait until baby grows up,” Carolina explains. “You truly can have both!”

The biggest challenge the duo faced with this project is the L-shaped layout of the space and a large brick fireplace in the corner. A custom sectional couch, a large hide rug, a wipe-able ottoman/coffee table, and swivel chairs are the crux of the space combining the sensibilities of style as well as of parents. Though most of the color palette is neutral, small splashes in color through accessories like bright pink and teal pillows, bring a child-like excitement to the space.

Many of the pieces used in this project as well as other projects are custom-made or sourced from their own shop. Carolina and Beth want their designs to be one-of-a-kind and adding custom pieces to any room will instantly achieve that. Because the duo has found a way to run their company over long-distance, the entire world opened up to them. Pulp Design Studios also curates an online store that features small furniture, pillows, and home accessories that will soon carry their own line of Pulp Home products designed in-house.

“Pulp is really a lifestyle and I think that shows in everything we do and bleeds into our design work,” Beth describes. “It helps us think about the end user and the lifestyle approach we take to design.” Their dedication to Pulp Design Studios does not end at their online store but extends across their website with a company blog upon which various designers post. Whether showcasing the studio’s latest work or sharing personal favorites, from decor to cocktail recipes, each designer is passionate and fully immersed within the Pulp Design lifestyle that Beth and Carolina have created together.

This article originally appeared in The Huffington Post in August 2016. Click here to view the original feature.