5 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand

It goes without saying that in the design industry, image is everything. As an interior designer, your personal brand must be married to your firm’s aesthetic identity. We’ve paired with leadership stylist and personal brand expert Joui Turandot to learn how to create an image that communicates your creative goals. Read on for Joui’s five steps to determining the descriptors that will embody your unique personal brand. 

Step #1: Who do you admire as a leader? Ask yourself 3 adjectives that you associate with this person and embody their attributes. For example, when describing Sheryl Sandberg, you may choose innovative, strong, and thoughtful. 

Step #2: Who do you admire visually? Write down 3 words that describe what attracts you to this individual's style. For example, when describing Kelly Wearstler, you may choose edgy, vibrant and feminine. 

Step #3: Consider how you would describe your own design style and create a list of adjectives. 

Step #4: Compare the first two lists with the last list. Are they in alignment? 

Step #5: Choose your top three to five words from both lists. These are your power words that will embody and guide your personal brand. 

Interested in learning more about how to align your personal brand with your business? Join Joui Turandot for “Branding for Creative Entrepreneurs: Refine Your Personal Brand” at our SFDC office on Thursday, September 22. Click here for more event information and ticketing.