A Bond-Worthy Bachelor Pad

A designer known for her love of vintage furnishings, high fashion, and contemporary artwork, it came to us a little surprise that Holly Hollenbeck of HSH Interiors was asked to create a one-of-a-kind bachelor pad inspired by James Bond.  For this Beverley Hills residence, Holly mixed statement vintage furnishings and custom elements to create a truly bespoke environment. In honor of the home's recent sale (for a staggering price of $16,995,000!), we've sat down with Holly to learn more about the design process. 

What was the inspiration behind this project?

Holly Hollenbeck: HSH Interiors’ work on this project was inspired by the architecture of the home and the lifestyle of the client. Custom designed for our client from the ground up, the home took design-build firm The Bowery over 5 years to complete. Stylistically, it is a blend of 60’s modern and contemporary with lots of references to the client’s favorite shape, the circle. Perched high up in the beautiful Trousdale Estates area of Beverly Hills, the home has views to the ocean and takes advantage of the fantastic Los Angeles weather with enormous walls of glass that retract to create true indoor-outdoor space. The first time I saw it, and met the client, I had a very clear vision of what the feel of the furnishings, art and accessories should be: sexy, sophisticated, sleek yet also street-wise.  James Bond meets Retna...the ladies don’t stand a chance!

Who were you designing for?

HH: Our client is the quintessential Los Angeles bachelor. He's successful and single, he knows what he wants.  The architecture and layout of the home were designed specifically for this client and really showcases his personal style.  This is not a house for a family, it is truly a showcase and an entertaining space, which made it really fun to work with.  Even when the client decided to sell the home rather than move into it, it was decided to stage it as a high-end space for a bachelor with fabulous taste and an active social life.

At HSH Interiors, you're known for not adhering to one aesthetic. How does this project relate to others you've worked on? Are there any signature elements?

HH: Our projects are incredibly diverse, which I love.  It keeps me engaged, interested and challenged every day!  This project does relate somewhat architecturally to the project we have been working on for 5 years in Mill Valley, a large custom ground-up construction home for which we designed all the interiors and which we recently completed.  Both homes have big views, contemporary layouts and large scale rooms, large walls of glass and both are incredibly technologically sophisticated.  However the materials, finishes and furnishings are totally different.  We try to create spaces which are truly a reflection of the client, their values and lifestyle, so that means every project we do is unique.

What do you consider to be modern bachelor pad essentials?

HH: Right from the start we felt the furnishings in the home should have a mix of leather, metals and fur.  Masculine, but with layered tactile textures.  Practically speaking, a bachelor pad needs big flat screen televisions for watching movies or sports with friends.  This home has at least seven TV’s including one outside at the pool bar and a fantastic screening room.  Comfortable yet sexy seating for parties is a must.  We were so excited to use a vintage 1970’s DeSede Non-Stop sofa in this project, which is a piece I have always loved.  A bar for mixing drinks for guests while entertaining is key.  A cozy fireplace for date nights, of course.  And a well-stocked library for the bachelor’s night off!

How does your process differ when completing a staging project versus a residential interior design project?

HH: This is the first staging project we have participated in.  It was highly unusual in that the client wanted brand new top of the line furniture, art and accessories, and wanted the freedom to keep them, sell them to a buyer or return them to the showrooms when the house is sold.  It did take us a bit of work to figure that process out successfully, but we managed to partner with several showrooms and dealers in San Francisco and Los Angeles with whom we have long standing relationships to make this work.

How does your firm work with clients outside of the Bay Area?

HH: Given all the technology available in the design world today, it is fairly easy for us to work on a project remotely.  I do like to do a site visit to get started, to tour the space and meet and talk in person with the clients.  But after that, most of the work we do can be done through digital mood boards, CAD and 3D work.  We communicate with clients via email, phone, Dropbox and Pinterest.  We are of course present onsite during installations to ensure everything goes smoothly.

What are some of your favorite elements of this home?

HH: The vintage 70’s DeSede Non-Stop sofa is one of my favorite elements in the home.  It has its original grey leather, and has the perfect patina to lend sexy soul to the space.

Another favorite is the Marc Phillips Renta rug, which is a one of a kind piece, and one we felt strongly we wanted in the home.  Its located in the lounge so is one of the first pieces one sees upon entering the front doors.

I love the set of three mixed metal Baxter coffee tables in the living room.  They give the perfect masculine edge and are a great foil against the soft curves of the DeSede.

Artwork is a big part of this residence and is a major component in many of your projects. What's your approach to sourcing artwork and who are some of your go-to artists?

HH: Art of all forms is important to me.  I personally collect photography, both vintage and contemporary, as well as antique oil portraits and contemporary abstract painting.  When I can incorporate excellent art into one of my projects, I am so happy!  For this particular project, the client really favored contemporary street-influenced art, and he has a real affection for black white and grey.  The home is large, and we needed a lot of art, big art.  Some we sourced from galleries and dealers but it was challenge to find the right pieces in the right look and size that we could also rent.  We ended up commissioning one of our favorite local San Francisco artists, Victor Reyes, to custom paint five pieces for the home which was the perfect solution to getting the right art in place.

I know that many of the pieces in this home are vintage or vintage-inspired. What are some of your favorite resources for vintage shopping in Los Angeles? Any in San Francisco?

HH: Los Angeles is a mecca for vintage shopping, particularly vintage modern. My favorite spots in LA are Siglo Moderno, JF Chen, Hollywood at Home and Downtown.  Locally, I love Lost Art Salon for vintage art finds, The Perish Trust in my neighborhood always has quirky fun accessories,  and of course, Coup d’Etat for the pedigree pieces I adore from the 60’s and 70’s.

Please visit HSH Interiors' website to learn more about the San Francisco design firm and view their portfolio.