Take Ten with Ana Corcran

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With fall upon us, many of our clients are winding down the summer and refocusing on the business and project deadlines. If you're feeling understaffed, you're not alone. Fortunately Coupar has the solution with our flexible design support options. We've sat down with Studio Coupar Design Director Ana Corcran to explore the numerous design support and project management services that Coupar's team has to offer. Read on to learn more about how our team can assist you with your next design endeavor, from sourcing to managing construction projects. 

How does a firm work with the Studio Coupar team? 
AC: We will pair each client with a project manager based on the project scope and firm’s needs. The entire Coupar team will be pulled on throughout the project as needed depending on the deliverables. 

How involved can Studio Coupar be in the project?
AC: Studio Coupar can be as involved as you’d like us to be. We have clients who engage on an as-needed basis and others who engage with us for full project management, overseeing a project from concept to completion. 

Does Studio Coupar have an aesthetic?
AC: At Studio Coupar, we are not tied to any one aesthetic. Like any professional technical design team, whether build-in a firm or as an outside contractor, we design to you and your client's vision and requirements. We’ll spend time in the initial client engagement to hone in on the aesthetic of the firm and continue to fine tune it as we work together. Our team never impresses their own personal aesthetic into any given project, but does employ our expertise across all aesthetics to deliver the vision you have for the project, and meld them with your client's requirements. The designers we work with vary from contemporary to traditional, and our team is adept at designing projects under their master vision. 

What programs does the team use?
AC: We use AutoCAD for drafting, Quickbooks and Studio Webware for purchasing and proposal generation, and Adobe Creative Suite for formatting presentations. 

What is the average turnaround time?
AC: Our standard turnaround time is 48 to 72 hours depending on the request. Once we are given the the scope and all of the materials, we can provide a tighter completion timeline. 

How do you bill?
AC: We bill hourly and bill our client for all time spent on their project. Our clients engage with us on two different levels depending on the project scope. For those looking to engage for a full-scale project, we will ask that you commit to a 15-hour retainer, priced at $65/hour for a total of $975. Clients will be charged at the beginning of the month, and the retainer will recur with any additional hours billed at $65/hour. For clients looking for a lower level of commitment, we bill at an hourly rate of $85.

How do designers introduce Studio Coupar to their clients?
AC: We operate under whatever alias the client prefers. Some clients let their clients know that they’re working with a consulting firm on the project and others would like us to operate seamlessly as if we were part of the firm, eliminating any disconnect. We are happy to set up email addresses under your firm name and will always represent your firm when on-site. 

Do you exclusively work with interior designers?
AC: No, at Studio Coupar we collaborate with contractors and architects as well to help manage construction projects, create floorplans, and complete lighting, material, and finish specifications. 

What vendors do you work with?
AC: We’re well-versed in vendors both inside and outside of the SFDC and have a curated collection of vendors that we work with frequently. When working with a designer, we’ll utilize their existing vendor relationships to work with  their preferred vendors and will layer our own relationships in as needed. 

Does Studio Coupar work with designers or projects outside of the SF Bay Area?
AC: Yes, our team can work in a fully remote capacity for floorplans, sourcing or AutoCAD. We’re happy to collaborate virtually via email, Skype and Basecamp to execute your project. 

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