Introducing Gilded Decay, A Seductive Candle Collection by Lizette Marie

San Francisco Interior Designer Lizette Bruckstein of Lizette Marie Interior Design is, without a doubt, a name to know. Between crafting a dramatic glam cave at the 2015 San Francisco Decorator Showcase and nabbing the cover of Rue Magazine, Lizette has become a serious design star. Her latest act is Gilded Decay, a seductive candle collection comprised of two candles that, when burned together, combine to produce the Deconstructed Seduction master scent. We’ve sat down with the designer to learn more about the unique influences behind her fragrances.

CC: How did you first become passionate about fragrances?

LB: I’ve worn perfume ever since I can remember. As I matured, I started to layer fragrances. It's fascinating to me how easily you can set a tone or a mood with fragrance, and with that, how easy it is to manipulate a fragrance to reflect a different mood. Scent has such a magical ability to transport you instantly to a memory.

CC: I know you’ve mentioned that you’ll layer perfumes to create your own fragrance rather than wear one signature scent. How did this translate into your candle design?

LB: I wanted to take the same concept of layering and apply it to candles. My Gilded Decay candles are sold as duos, allowing one to burn them together or separately, manipulating the fragrance based on their current mood. As the collection expands, you will be able to mix and match candles from different pairings to set a tone of your own.

CC: Tell us a little more about the vessel design. How did black come to be a color that is so deeply tied to your design identity?

LB: Black is the perfect canvas; it is elegant and sophisticated and does not compete with anything. Black always lends an understated elegance. I did not want to create a tchotchke but rather focus on the fragrance. The color choice allows the scent to be the focal point rather than the vessel design.

CC: I know you often draw inspiration from fashion. Are there any fashion designers or stylemakers in particular who inspired your candle collection?

LB: TOM FORD. Need I say more?

CC: What’s your take on the relationship between scent and spaces?

LB: The relationship between scent and design relies on the mood of the inhabitant. To me, successful design encompasses all senses. When I think about an interior, I always consider how people will live, entertain, and function within that space. Depending on how you use the space, a scent can help set the appropriate tone. 

CC: Deconstructed Seduction’s two candles, Femme and Homme, both have very complex, layered fragrances. How did you develop these?

LB: When developing Gilded Decay’s premiere collection, Deconstructed Seduction, I was inspired by my experience designing interiors for couples. During the design process, there are often differing opinions on what sensibilities need to be melded to create the perfect home. I strive to find the balance between a masculine desire for a dark, leather cave and a feminine desire for a romantic, sumptuous sanctuary. Through conversation and collaboration I develop a concept that ultimately appeals to both. For Femme, I wanted a fragrance that was feminine but had a fresh twist and a bit of an edge. I created this fragrance by using sheer floral notes with hints of fig and dark wood. For Homme, I wanted something dark and aged but balanced with surprise. The process was a blast!

CC: So much of your design process is related to sensory experience. What kinds of feelings do you want these candles to evoke when burned?

LB: It goes without saying that these candles conjure up seduction. The concept behind Gilded Decay was born out of my fascination with the dichotomy of everyday life. While each fragrance is interesting on its own, when burned together they create a layered third fragrance that adds a unique balance to the atmosphere. With its masculine and feminine sensibilities, the Deconstructed Seduction collection evokes a couple’s shared experiences of passion and chemistry.

CC: Where is your favorite space to enjoy Gilded Decay?

LB: I love burning Gilded Decay in my living room as the candles create a sense of intimacy.

CC: What can we expect next?

LB: We are currently working on our second collection and can’t wait to fully develop the brand!

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