2017 Color of the Year: Pantone Goes Green!


It’s that time again—Pantone has announced 2017’s Color of the Year. Moving away from the soft tones of 2016’s Rose Quartz and Serenity, they’ve chosen the bold and cheerful hue of Pantone 15-0343 “greenery.”

Photo Via  Pantone

Photo Via Pantone

We’re not surprised to say that, as usual, our designers are ahead of the game when it comes to design trends. Many of them have been using this color in their work for a while now. Proving that this shade can make a chic statement in an elegant home or give an unexpected twist to a familiar accent, our designers are using “greenery” right! Take a look:

1. Inspired by Greenery - Regan Baker of Regan Baker Design

“We love this year’s choice,” Regan Baker tells us. It comes as no surprise that the stylish designer is a fan of this bright shade. She herself is as cheerful and delightful as the color, and her work expertly combines modernism with inviting, vibrant colors. 

“We love the idea of finishing a piece of furniture in Pantone’s 15-0343 to make a statement, like the Ted Boerner side table in the inspiration board below. It can also be incorporated into a painted art mural like the Caroline LIzarraga (featured below). There are so many vendors with items in green this season. We love its retro vibe. It can also be used for many different styles, whether it be a dresser for a kid’s room or a side table in a living room—it adds both interest and spunk!”

2. Greenery Tile Backsplash in a West Portal Kitchen - by Kari McIntosh

No one can deny the appeal of a beautiful tile backsplash, but Kari McIntosh of Kari McIntosh Design opted for a unique twist on this classic accent by introducing it in a cheerful shade of green. Paired with the warm tones of wooden cabinetry, this color choice works perfectly as a welcoming feature in the “heart of the home.”

Photo by    Julie Mikos

Photo by Julie Mikos

Need more proof your tile backsplash may need a bit of greenery? Take a look at this gorgeous kitchen designed by Ellen Nystrom in the Castro district of San Francisco.

3. A Modern Accent for a Colorful Tech Office - by Lane McNab

Designer Lane McNab of Lane McNab Interiors is the first to admit that this hue can be a bit shocking, but she’s an expert at introducing it as a small pop or accent. She shows off her skills in a colorful and graphic Tech company, introducing the vibrant green in modern works of art and complementing it in the subtler tones of throw pillows. 

Photo by    Aubrie Pick

Photo by Aubrie Pick

4. Cozy with a Pop of Orange - by Ann Lowengart

When it comes to expertly styling color into an elegant space, no one does it better than Ann Lowengart. In her project, “Cozy with a Pop of Orange,” she somehow managed to introduce this green hue as a high-gloss wall color! Pairing beautiful furnishings, a curated collection of patterns, and the perfect mix of artwork and houseplants, this project is sophisticated and vibrant.

5. A Colorful Disco Bathroom in an Elegant Eichler - by Alison Damonte

Alison Damonte is one designer who knows how to get playful with her interiors without losing any of their sophistication and timeless elegance. Take this bathroom in a classic 70s-era Eichler for instance! The gorgeous lines of the architecture are enhanced–rather than overpowered–by the bright green counters and rainbow rug.

Photo by    Bruce Damonte

Photo by Bruce Damonte

6. Fanciful Green Fabrics - Kendall Wilkinson Design for Fabricut

When it comes to interior design in the Bay Area (or anywhere for that matter) we often look to Kendall Wilkinson Design for inspiration. So, the fact that she’s excited to work this year’s shade into her Fabricut collection proves it’s a color we should be paying attention to this year. Just take a look at greenery in her fabric line. 

Photo courtesy of Kendall Wilkinson Design

Photo courtesy of Kendall Wilkinson Design

What better way to welcome 2017’s Pantone Color of the Year, Pantone 15-0343 “greenery,” than by admiring the amazing work of these trailblazing designers? We can't wait to see how tastemakers will use this vibrant hue in the coming months!