How To Take Beautiful Photos With Your iPhone

Creating stunning photos is easier than you think. You don’t need a fancy DSLR camera or a professional photographer to make great content. Everything you need can be done by you and your iPhone!


To elevate the quality of your photos, begin by taking advantage of the camera settings and tools that already exist on your phone.

  1. Practice the Rule of Thirds. The rule of thirds is a basic photography principle that provides balance in your images. By aligning the subject or focal point of the image with the intersection points in the Rule of Thirds grid, you can create balanced photos.
    To turn on the grid on your camera, navigate to Settings > Photos & Camera > Scroll down to Camera, and turn on the Grid function.

  2. Utilize the HDR feature. Open the camera app and select the HDR button, then click ON. This feature takes three pictures at different exposures and combines them into a single image. The HDR feature is incredibly helpful when you’re shooting outdoors as it allows you to capture both highlights and shadows without over- or under-exposing portions of the image.

  3. Take advantage of the AE/AF Lock tool. The AE/AF tool becomes active when you tap the screen to focus on specific part of the image. When you tap the screen to focus, the outline of a yellow square appears with a small sun next to it. To adjust the AE/AF tool, which adjusts the amount of light in the image, press down on the focal point for a few seconds until the AE/AF Lock button appears at the top of your screen. Once the AE/AF Lock tool is engaged, you can slide the sun (next to that yellow square) up and down to adjust the light in the image.

  4. Know your angles. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the angle that you use to frame your image. Consider how the shot will look from above, straight on, from the side, or even looking up. Take a few shots from different angles -- you never know which will end up being the shot you decide to use.

  5. Utilize natural light. Early morning (sunrise – 10 am) and early evening (4 pm – sunset) are some of the best times to shoot.

  6. Use the volume buttons to snap your photo. Sometimes you’re in a position that makes it difficult to use the white circular button to take your photo, but no need to worry. You can also use the volume buttons on the side of your phone to take the photo.

Once you’ve taken a photo that you like (it may take five, ten or twenty shots), you can do a bit of post-production work right on your phone. There are a few apps that provide high-quality editing tools including VSCO, A Color Story, and Afterlight. All of these apps allow you to edit the exposure, contrast, brightness, and crop of an image, in addition to providing filters and color adjustment tools.

In addition to the existing features on your iPhone and tools that you can download, there are a few things to steer clear of when taking a photo. Avoid using the flash as it can create harsh lines and shadows, and ever shoot in direct sunlight because it can cause a yellowish tinge in your photo.