Binge-worthy Series with Incredible Style

When you're finished watching reruns of It’s A Wonderful Life, we suggest hunkering down with a mug of hot cocoa (spiked, please) and digging into these captivating and stylish small-screen series.

Downton Abbey

Still bummed about Downton Abbey coming to a screeching halt earlier this year? Not to worry. Take a trip down memory lane and stream the entire series. Catch up on the lavish weddings, travel, scandals and let’s not forget the endless array of Roaring 20’s style inspo.

Mad Men


When it comes to period drama, MadMen over delivers. Pick a season, any season, and you’ll be treated to a heaping helping of bold, colorful imagery from the 1960’s (including those fabulous mid-century silhouettes), plot twists (the backstabbing!) and indelible quotes.

Ladies of London


Now for a little frivolous fun across the pond. From over-the-top London flats to real life manors, there’s no escaping the luxurious and extravagant style of these British beauties. And to make it even better, each episode of the Ladies of London is filled with as much drama as blue chip artwork and authentic antiques. 

Sex in the City


How could we miss an opportunity to dream about Carrie’s Manhattan apartment in Sex and the City? We may not have enough Manolos to fill an entire shelf (ok, we may not even have a pair), but we can still admire the way these iconic gals style their labels and homes as they search for love in the city.

On our radar: Z: The Beginning of Everything


Christina Ricci as Zelda Fitzgerald in Z: The Beginning of Everything     

Christina Ricci as Zelda Fitzgerald in Z: The Beginning of Everything


Z: The Beginning of Everything will stream on Amazon starting Friday, Jan. 27, 2017. Watch the trailer.