3 Tips for a Thanksgiving Tablescape Guests Will Love


If you’re as design obsessed as we are here at Coupar, you know that the key to a stylish dinner party is a fantastic tablescape. And there's no shortage of dinner parties during the holiday season! From a seasonal table runner to an outstanding centerpiece, every aspect of your table setting plays an important role in your event. That's why we've compiled our top three tips for an unforgettable Thanksgiving (or any holiday celebration) tablescape here. Take a look:

1. Know Your Guest List

When it comes to hosting an unforgettable dinner party, one of the key factors is knowing your guest list inside and out. If your family and friends skew more towards the traditional style, make sure you play up this aesthetic with your table setting. High-backed chairs, classic gold and bronze décor, a dark florals in tall vases, etc. If you’ve invited a more eclectic group of people, don’t be afraid to play up your colors! Jewel tones have been very popular this year, so incorporate them in candle holders and glasses. You may even want to go totally outside the box and dine on the floor with layered floor pillows! All in all, just make sure you know who you’re catering to and design with them in mind.

Image via  Annie Spratt

Image via Annie Spratt

2. Keep it Low

As much as we love a high, over-the-top centerpieces, Thanksgiving is all about being with family. And, if you've ever tried to chat with someone while straining to see over a high, elaborate centerpiece, you know that it's a nearly impossible task. That's why, for this meal, we suggest you opt for a low-lying centerpiece instead. We love the look of maple leaves along a burlap table runner or white tea lights amongst a beautiful garland.

Image via  Kevin Dooley

Image via Kevin Dooley

3. Pay Attention to the Details

Finally, we can't stress our final tip enough: pay attention to the details. It’s the little touches that will take your Thanksgiving tablescape to a whole other level. For example, spend time picking out chargers that complement the aesthetic of your meal. Having a rustic Thanksgiving feast with wild berries, rosemary roasted turkey, and handmade pies? Bring in those wooden chargers that add a raw feel to the space. Thinking something a bit more glamorous and high-end? Splurge on cutlery that adds extra shine. Golden serving utensils and gold rimmed plates will transform your table into a feast fit for royalty! We also love the idea of creating miniature individual menus for each place setting. No one can resist those personal touches.

Image via  Brooke Lark

Image via Brooke Lark

The most important part of this time of year is bringing everyone together and enjoying each other’s company, but it doesn’t hurt to do it all in style! Follow these tips and bring your own personal tastes into your setting for a seasonal soirée no one will forget. 

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