Take Ten with LuAnn Nigara

A successful business owner, sales dynamo and podcast host, LuAnn Nigara truly does it all. Between owning Window Works' top selling franchise and launching her renowned design podcast, "A Well Designed Business", LuAnn has proven to be a business maven and true authority on design. We've sat down with the inspiring entrepreneur to learn more about the inspiration behind her podcast and what we can expect to see from her in the future. 

When did you start A Well Designed Business? What inspired you to start a podcast for the design industry?
LuAnn Nigara: The idea for the podcast occurred to me in July of 2015. From July to October I researched both the business side and technical side of podcasting. And from October to December I developed the point of view and content strategy for the podcast, finally launching February 2016.

The inspiration comes form 30+ years of close working relationships with many dozens of talented interior designers who I found while quite accomplished in their field often struggled to run profitable businesses. Sadly many designers are under the serious misconception that as long as they are talented and creative that they will automatically be successful. I love business, talking about business and learning new platforms, tools and ideas about business so I thought why not help this talented group of people be the best they can be.

Who are some of your favorite guests that you've had on the show so far?
LN: That’s not fair at all! That’s like asking to pick my favorite kid! Seriously, I don’t know if I have had even a single guest that I didn’t love the conversation and what they shared about themselves and their businesses. Standouts include many of the business consultants that I have interviewed because they just come in, tear up a topic and lay it out in such an actionable way for my listeners that I just love it!! Listener favorites include Heather McManus, Sandra Funk Levy, Krista Coupar, Candice Olson, Stacey Brown Randall and Sarah Daniele.

How do you decide whom you'd like to interview?
LN: For guests who are interior designers they have to have and be able to describe one thing, one system, one practice that they do that contributes to the success of their business.

For Power Talk Friday which is often a non-industry professional the subjects can be anything that teaches something about running a profitable productive business. But the Friday guests have to be sharp, an expert on their topic and be able to skew their info to relate it to the interior design business owner. I want every show to impart at least one  “ I didn’t know that” moment for the listener. 

How many listeners do you have?
LN: Listener downloads change daily but the metric in the podcast industry for establishing if a podcast is successful or not is to see how many downloads your episodes have individually after 1 month from original air date. A podcast episode that has 165 downloads 1 month out is performing better than 50% of all of the 180,000 podcasts in the iTunes library. 70-80% of our shows hit that number easily and many actually double that number. I attribute this to many things, our sponsor since the 1st show Kravet Inc. featuring Curated Kravet, our great guests, my sound editor and his team, my podcast tech team, my social media team and my staff and partners at Window Works. Every single person involved has contributed in his or her way to the podcast and its success.

Who are your dream guests, either living or deceased?
LN: For interior designers: Roger Thomas, Kelly Wearstler, Victoria Hagan, Stephen Sills, Grace Bonney, Niki Brantmark, Vanessa Matsalla, Justina Blakeney, Alexa Hampton, and Thom Filicia. 

I mean if we’re making a wish list, let’s go big: Oprah, Tony Robbins, Gretchen Rubin, Terry Gross, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, Lisa Falzone, Diana Gabaldon, Arianna Huffington, Amy Porterfield, Chalene Johnson, Darren Rowse….

What's in the future for you and the podcast?
LN: Over the next few months, I have some surprise guests up my sleeve which means expanded content that I think people will find as fascinating as I do. Also, I'm currently working on my new book, The Making of a Well Designed Business, will be available in March of 2017. More details to come on that soon!

Interested in listening to the latest episode of "A Well Designed Business"? Click here. For more information on LuAnn Nigara, please visit her website.